Pond Construction — Sand Ridge ExcavatingRemember our goals here. We are teaching you

1)POND- The Key Principles of Narrative Design
2) The tools of Storywise analysis.
APPLICATION to the Presidential Plot-2020
4) From this learning to apply it to anything else.

Another core map and principle of POND is what we call the Axis of Coherence- BME.
This gives us our basic map to track how meaning moves through time and through memory. Its a radical insight that goes as far back at Aristotle who writes in his Rhetoric:

“But a whole is that which has a Beginning Middle and End.”

Because stories morph through these phases, like phases of the moon, we can map where we are and where we are heading. The Presidential Plot is a good Case in Point because it has an identifiable ENDING, November 3rd 2020. As for its BEGINNINGS, there are various, and the Presidential Plot maps out the servies of beginnings and endings that a Candidate has to negotiate in the journey to election, or defeat.